Friday, 3 April 2020

5 tips for cybersecurity

We plan to post about free eBooks you might want to read over the Easter break.  But before we do we would like you to watch this brilliant YouTube video that Mrs Nolan from Eden Park High School brought to our attention.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Covid-19 accessible information and support

We know you are all being Internet savvy and are avoiding the disinformation, misinformation and hoaxes out there. If you want to be sure you know how to spot the dodgy stuff see our post below and remember Full Fact fights bad information.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for information about Covid-19 that you can trust take a look at the Childline website.  Childline not only offers sensible information and advice about the virus, but also all sorts of sound advice and support about any concerns you might have.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Disinformation, misinformation and hoaxes

The internet can be a minefield of disinformation, misinformation and hoaxes.  We always need to be aware that, along with tons of useful information, there is also a lot of information out there that sets out to mislead us and plenty that is just plain sloppy.

At this time of home-learning and heightened anxiety about Covid-19 we need to be especially vigilant about disinformation, misinformation and hoaxes. 

Don't let anyone fool you!
  Remember these simple tips when you are online:

The story:
What/why are they telling you this?  Is it an advert, is it a joke, are they trying to get you to agree with them? 

Does this story set out to play on your emotions?
Stop and take a breath .... 
Look to see if you can find the same story elsewhere.

Full Fact is a very reliable fact checking website.

You might want to apply your own PEED skills:

What's their point, where's the evidence, can other websites explain further and develop this story?

Is it someone's opinion or fact? Quality information will more than likely link to the author's details.
If there is no author, and even if there is an author, dig deeper.  Who wrote this, what are their qualifications, are they someone who's opinions are worth your valuable time?  

The website:
Are there spelling or grammar errors.  What's the URL?
Check the address at the top.  Be aware that clever hoaxers can make a website look genuine.
Examine that logo and URL ending carefully!

The most trusted URLs end: - the UK government
.org - an organisation which does not make a profit - UK university
.sch - a school
Be a bit more careful
.org Charity or non-profit making organisation
.co -  UK company
.com - Company (any country)
.ltd - Private limited company
.plc - Public limited company
.edu US college or university
Be very careful
~ Tilde – used for a personal web page

The date:
Check the date.  Is this up to date or just an old story being recycled?
Again look for the story elsewhere.  

Source BBC Bitesize
Why not test you skills with this BBC quiz?

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Comfortable home working

Many of us are working from home and lots of us are reading on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

We are aware that we might return to school and work, when 'lockdown' is over, with back and neck problems so we have done some research for you, to find the best advice on safe practice.

This YouTube video has been out there for some time.  Don’t be put off by the Spanish introduction if you don’t speak Spanish, there is no dialogue.  It offers simple advice on using a laptop safely.  Along with some of the links below it does suggest using a separate keyboard.

Remember if you do go cycling observe the social distancing rules!

If using a phone or tablet you may want to think about investing in a stand, if you do not already own one.

We would like to think that Indiana University know what they are talking about.  This advice is simple, clear and well-illustrated.    

There is loads of clear information with presentations and videos on the Spine Health website. Spine Health is an American spine medicine portal that supports the education of patients through peer-reviewed content.  

This NHS information is a bit dry but not information overload and has a good video about stretches and moving, something we may find ourselves doing less of as Boris has asked us to go for just one, local, walk, run or cycle a day! 

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Asterix co-creator and illustrator dies aged 92

Sad to hear about the death of 

Albert Uderzo.  

He created the famous stories - about the adventures of Gaulish warriors fighting the Roman Empire - with his friend Renรฉ Goscinny in 1959.  These tales are still popular with The Ravensbourne School students more than 60 years later.

Interesting fact: Amazingly this French born comic book illustrator and author was colour blind!!  

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Carnegie 2020 Short List

The Carnegie Prize Short List has been released!!!!!!!!!

We are excited to see some old favourites and some new faces.  

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Access to free books online

Free eBooks, eAudiobooks, eComics and much more  from your

 public Library.

If you would like access to free online books from your local public Library you need to be a member.  If you are not already a member get an adult to pop along to your local Library with one form of official ID.  Once you have your Library number you can enjoy free access to a large range or eBooks, eAudiobooks and eComics via the: 

 Overdrive website

                                          or the Libby app.

You will also have free access to some great online resources such as Britannica Junior, Issues OnlineWhich? and much more. 

PS Sadly Libraries are now closed ๐Ÿ˜ž but online resources still up and running ๐Ÿ˜ƒ