Friday, 18 December 2015

Crisis at Christmas 2015

Thousands of people will be homeless this Christmas.

Each year, some of the staff at TRS choose to make a donation to Crisis instead of sending Christmas cards.  This year the total raised is £470, which will reserve 21 places for homeless people this Christmas.

Crisis is a charity which offers shelter, companionship and life-changing services to people who are homeless.  To find out more visit the Crisis website.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas 'Take a Risk' competition

By popular demand, we have extended our Christmas Take a Risk competition for another week or until the box is empty.  

So, don't delay come and Take a Risk in the Discovery Library today!

Recent Word of the Week winners!

Discovery Library

Verb: To charm (someone) into doing something they wouldn't normally do.
chosen by Kaan (7 SW)

Verb: Try hard to do or achieve something.
chosen by Mia (7BL)
Adjective: Casually calm and relaxed; seemingly unconcerned or indifferent, cool.
chosen by Shyanne (7SW)

Noun: Use of mathematical measurements to analyze unique physical characteristics (such as fingerprints) to identify a person.
chosen by David (7AN)

Noun: A lively Polish dance in triple time. 
chosen by Nico (7AM)

Verb: To read (something) typically in a thorough or careful way; or, to look at or read (something) in an informal or relaxed way
chosen by Yasmin (7HA)

Adjective: Very worried and upset
chosen by Henry (7BL)

Adjective: 1) Relating to astronomy, which is the scientific study of the universe and of objects that exist naturally in space, such as the moon, the sun, planets and stars. 2) Extremely large
chosen by Holly (7SW)

Noun: The philosophical study of the nature of being.
chosen by Fleur (8SD)

Noun: A person of great and varied learning
chosen by Evie (7SW)

Noun: A result of a particular action or situation, often one that is bad or not convenient
chosen by Brooklyn (7AM)

Verb: To reach a conclusion about something by reasoning.
chosen by Fleur (9HE)

Verb: Confuse or disconcert (someone)
chosen by Shelby (7HR)

Adjective: Not favouring one side more than the other; not biased.
chosen by Abigail (8MA)

Adjective: To speak in a bombastic manner.
chosen by Rhys (8HA)

Verb: To be shocked or surprised
chosen by Olivia (7MP)

Adjective: Very cunning, deceitful in your dealings.
chosen by Rosanna (7MP)

Adjective: Following one after the other.
chosen by Yasmin (7MP)

Noun: A bright orange-red colour.
chosen by Scarlett (7MP)

Noun: A remarkable person or thing.
chosen by Megan (7FH)

Noun: To steal money that you have been trusted with.
chosen by Jamie (7FH)

Verb: To stop being thirsty by drinking something.
chosen by Kasey Austin (7BC)

Noun: A person who buys and sells book, especially rare or decorative ones.
chosen by Christopher (7MP)

Noun: In poetry, the running over of a sentence from one verse or couplet into another.
chosen by Aragan (7MB)

Adjective:  Very hungry.
chosen by Luka (7CS)

War Memorial Library

Adjective: Physically beautiful; comely.
chosen by Deona Simpson (13BA)

Verb:To utterly destroy/obliterate.  2) In Physics, to covert (a subatomic particle) into radiant energy.
chosen by Erin (12NA)

Noun:  In Psychology, someone who is quiet, shy, unsociable and non-confrontational.  Also not talkative.  A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.
chosen by Phoebe, Tanisha, Ally, Katherine (Year 10 Psychology)

Noun: The study of how the organism and life can be understood as an interpretation of how chemical and electrical communication is performed and understood.
chosen by Mr Carrick (Science)

Noun: A complete change of the physical form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.
chosen by Mrs Nolan

Noun: A person who is not a member of the clergy; or, someone who is not trained in or does not have a specialist knowledge of a particular subject.
chosen by Ewan (12KN)

Noun: A sentimental longing or wistful affection for things that happened in the past
chosen by Aliyah (12AP)

Diegetic (sound)
Noun: Diegetic sound is any sound that can be paired with what is happening in a film or on TV, and whose source is either visible, or is relevant to the action: a) Voices of characters; b) Sounds made by objects in the story c) Music represented as coming from instruments in the story space (= source music)
chosen by Mr Beckett (Music)

Noun: The act of saying goodbye or quite literally a farewell speech.
chosen by Harry (13MS)

Noun: A model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit.
chosen by Ms Roberts (Librarian)

Adjective: Behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others.
chosen by Mr Contreras-Ramis (Spanish)

Verb: Place next to each other or side by side for contrasting effect.
chosen by Eden (10SF)

Noun:  Dawn; 2. A natural light display, usually green, red or yellow, that moves across the sky in polar regions
chosen by Aurora (10AG)

Adjective: To be cruel or unkind.
chosen by Rebecca (13 MS)

chosen by Lucy (13 HB)
Noun:  1) (In Ancient Greek Drama) the first choral passage recited or sung by the chorus at their entrance.  2) A passage in an Ancient Greek theatre between the auditorium and the skene by which spectators had access to the theatre and actors might come and go during a play.

Noun: A person who is timid or unassertive.
chosen by Mrs Nolan (Librarian)

Verb: To accept something reluctantly but without protest.
chosen by Camille (11LC)

Noun: Pleasure derived from the pain of others.
chosen by Corin (12SU)

Noun: A feeling of refreshing calm and an absence of stress or worry.
chosen by Kyeisha (11BH)

Noun: A toxic flammable nonmetallic element, which appears luminous in the dark.  It exists in two forms, white and red.
chosen by Rebecca (11WH)

Verb: 1) To establish something (activity or practice) as a convention or norm in an organization or culture; 2) Place or keep (someone) in a residential institution
chosen by Brandon (11CO)

Noun: A cooper’s business or place of work, making barrels and casks.
chosen by Ross (11MO)

Adjective: Complaining in a whining or peevish way.
chosen by Christopher (10SF)

Noun: Physical beauty.
chosen by Mr Lucas (Geography)

Adjective: Exaggeratedly and distastefully complimentary; obsequious.
chosen by Mr Beckett (Music)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Books into Films 2015

Why not enjoy a good book this Christmas holiday? Come and browse our display of Christmas books and books with a film tie-in on TV over the Christmas holidays in the Discovery library!

Also, School Librarian, Helen Smith, has compiled her annual list of Christmas book and film tie-ins that are on TV over the Christmas Period. Please click on the link below to view: Christmas TV List 2015

Monday, 7 December 2015

Let it Snow! Seasonal Reads in the War Memorial Library

Let it Snow! Display in the War Memorial Library

We have lots of great titles in the both the Discovery and War Memorial libraries, including those in our ‘new books’ section so please feel free to browse and borrow.

Biographies and New Books in the War Memorial Library