Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New RIF research on access to print materials

New RIF research shows access to print materials

"Improves children's reading performance. Studies suggest that providing children with print materials helps children read better. Among the studies reviewed, kindergarten students showed the biggest increase in reading performance.

Are instrumental in helping children learn the basics of reading. Providing children with reading materials allowed them to develop basic reading skills such as letter and word identification, phonemic awareness, and completion of sentences.

Causes children to read more and for longer lengths of time. Giving children print materials led to more shared reading between parents and children. Children who received books also read more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Produces improved attitudes toward reading and learning among children. Children with greater access to books and other print materials-whether through borrowing books or through receiving books to own-expressed more enjoyment of books, reading, and academics. "

From RIF press release http://www.rif.org/us/about/press/%20new-research-shows-access-to-print-materials-improves-childrens-reading.htm

Sainsburys Active Kids

A BIG thank you to everyone who sent in their Active Kids vouchers last term.

Our final total was just under 20,000 tokens.

The equipment we ordered has nearly all arrived now, and the pupils will be benefitting from having an adjustable situp board ; medicine balls ; various weight kettlebells ; cheerleading kit ; shuttlecocks; rounders balls; stopwatches and other items.

Booked Up is a national programme run by Booktrust and supported by the Department for Education.

Booktrust is an independent charity with the goal of encouraging and supporting reading for pleasure. The Booktrust provide each Year 7 pupil in registered schools in England with a free ‘Booked Up’ book from a list of 12 specially selected titles. The Librarians register TRS and organize the selection and ordering of the books. . We hope the Year 7s enjoy their selection. If you like the look of any of the Booked Up books, copies of all the titles are held in the Discovery Library for borrowing.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Reading Lists

Looking for something different to read ?

Have a look at this website for ideas :

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Word of the Week Competition

We will be carrying on with our popular Word of the Week competition in both Libraries this year. If you have a word that you want to share with everyone, please ask for an entry form in either of the Libraries.

Recent Word of the Week Winners
War Memorial Library :

Apprehensive chosen by Basak Kaynak (10CA)


Fearful or anxious about the future. Uneasy. Quick to understand

Erroneously chosen by Ben Jones (13PL)


In a mistaken manner. Incorrectly.

Discovery Library :

Maladroit chosen by Monique Jafapouran (9DR)
Clumsy, awkward or tactless.
abnormal condition, existing at birth.

Zephyr chosen by Maisie Jones (9BP)

A soft gentle breeze.