Friday, 15 July 2016

Year 7 Spelling Bee Competition - Winner Announced!

The final of the Spelling Bee was held on Monday in the Year 7 Assembly.  Congratulations go to George F in 7JS, who was the overall winner and the winning word was ‘armistice’!

Congratulations as well go to the other nominated students Callum M, Alfie S, Tristan O, Jamie B, Joshua L, Isabelle E-H, Louis O and Rosanna S.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Post-a-Read 2016!

We would love you to send us a postcard of what you are reading over the summer! It doesn’t matter where the post card is from, Bromley or Borneo, Luton or Las Vegas, as long as you tell us what you are reading.  All entrants will have their postcard displayed and will win a prize!  
If you are looking for ideas of what to read ask your Librarians or check out the summer reading suggestions and the WH Smith Zoella book club suggestions. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Got Caught Reading 2016

Over 5 days, we gave 5 different teachers disposable cameras and asked them to take 5 pictures of their students reading!  We had a great selection of readers from Year 7 to Year 13 and have created an amazing collage of all the photographs, which is on display outside the Discovery Library.

The students who were photographed received achievement points and the following 8 students were winners in the free prize draw:

Tristan O 7CH, Natalia V 7CH, Alana S 7CH, Paul D 7SH, Shanique B 8MA, Oscar S 8AM, Jazz A 9ST and Courtney R 10BN.

Come and have a look to see if you can spot yourself or your friends and keep reading!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Somme Centenary and The Lord of the Rings

The Somme (
On Friday, 1 July, we commemorated the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, which was fought between July and November 1916.  Described as one of the defining events of the First World War, when the battle was halted more than 1 million Commonwealth, French and German soldiers had been wounded, captured or killed.  The War Memorial in the War Memorial Library at TRS is dedicated to staff who gave their lives in the Great War.
Author JRR Tolkien was among those who took part in the Somme.  He was a signaller in the Lancashire Fusiliers and two of this best friends were killed in the battle.  His epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings was inspired by his experiences at the Somme.  You can borrow all three volumes, The Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers and Return of the King from the Discovery Library.

Other great novels inspired by their author’s direct experience of war, including Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemmingway and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, are available to borrow from the War Memorial Library.