Monday, 27 July 2015

Book Donation

Six boxes, containing books we no longer need and some books which have been kindly donated, are ready to wing their way to South Africa to help school children there. 

Only 20% of South African schools have libraries! Illiteracy is a big problem in South Africa and their schools are in desperate need of resources, particularly reading and text books. 

Thanks to Help a South African School for their help with this.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer Reading 2015

Looking for ideas about what to read over the long summer holidays? Below are some excellent websites that are full of great book recommendations as well as interviews and information on your favourite authors. You can personalise your search and create your very own reading lists. Just click on the links below and browse:

Also, look out for the books that have been recommended by TRS students. Go to the book review section of our blog for the full book review. You may also be interested in the new books section of our blog, giving the highlights and blurb on the best new books!  

Don't forget to send us a postcard (or bring it in with you in September) to let us know what you've been reading!  Every postcard wins a prize!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Children's Book Week

This week is Children’s Book Week (6-12 July) and as part of the Book Trust’s celebrations, much loved children’s author Shirley Hughes, has won the Book Trust’s first Lifetime Achievement Award.  The award celebrates the work of an author or illustrator who has made an outstanding contribution to children’s literature.

Shirley Hughes is best known for her ‘Alfie’ and ‘Lucy and Tom’ picture books and her book Dogger about a lost beloved soft toy was recently voted the public’s favourite Kate Greenaway Medal winner of all time.

Shirley Hughes has also written chapter books and we have Hero on a Bicycle, a gripping war time story set in Nazi occupied Italy in the Discovery Library for you to borrow.

Shirley Hughes’ books are featured in the Book Trust listing of the 100 Best Books – see how many you have read!  You might also be interested in the BookTrust Best Book Guide 2015