Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan
a review by Bradley A 7BW


Magnus Chase

Magnus, Sam, Blitzen and Hearthstone must travel across worlds to retrieve Thor’s hammer and stop Ragnarok (The Norse Doomsday), whilst preventing Sam from marrying a giant (Thrym).  All of this is part of Loki’s plan to escape from his prison.

Your Opinion:

I loved this book!  It is one of my favourite books.  It has action, humour and very sad parts.  You’ll never want to put it down!


To friends and Rick Riordan fans. êêêêê

A Tiny Bit Lucky (Tom Gates book 7) 
a review by Sonny K Year 8

Tom Gates, Dad, Mum. Delia, Mr Fullerman (Tom Gates’s teacher), Marcus Meldrew, Amy Porter, Derek, Norman, June.

The plot is about Tom’s life at school and at home.  First Tom’s Dad wants to show Tom how to make a kite.  His Dad also tells him about when he was a kid.  Tom is also in a band called DogZombies with Derek and Norman, who entered an audition for a Rockwekly Bandbattle – are they lucky enough to get through?

Your Opinion:

It is a funny book to read and I enjoyed reading it.

To friends


Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
a review by Samuel E Year 7


Percy Jackson, Annabeth Case, Grover Underwood, Polyphemus


Percy must embark on a perilous quest over the sea of monsters to obtain the Golden Fleece.  Having many adventures along the way, they finally reach the island.  The fleece is guarded by the giant Polyphemus, who they must outsmart to defeat.
Your Opinion:

I really enjoyed this book because of its exciting chapters and cliffhangers.  The book is the second in the thrilling Percy Jackson series.  For the prequel to this book, check out Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.  If you enjoy adventures, Greek mythology and defeating Greek monsters, then this is the book series for you.


For ages 9+, mostly for boys


Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga) by Jennifer Donnelly
a review by Elsa S 7YO 
Mermaids: Neela, Serafina, Ling, Becca, Ava, Astrid
Prince Mahdi, Baby Vraja, Markus Traho, Yazeed, Lucia Volnero, Admiral Kolfinn, Lena


Six heroes from the past have protected the oceans for a long time.  They have stopped a monster called Abbadon.  The lele (river witches) have heard someone has awakened the monster and wants to free it.  The six heroes died and live in six mermaids – Serafina, Neela, Becca, Ava and Astrid.  They must find the talisman and stop the monster once and for all …

Your Opinion:

This book is the best book I have ever read.  It is so amazing and it’s to do with mermaids.  READ IT!


This series is amazing!  I would recommend it!


Gangsta Granny by David Walliams
a review by Megan F Year 7

Granny, Ben, Raj (shopkeeper), Mum and Dad, The Queen, Florence (dance partner), nosy neighbor, police officer


“Ben, we are leaving you with granny this weekend!” This is all Ben hears, although he is yet to discover his granny’s criminal identity and go on one last mission.  Will the black cat succeed?

Your Opinion:

I like this story as it has a real plot twist to unleash.  My favorite part is when granny reveals that she is a …. you’ll need to read the book to find out!


I recommend this for any age!


One by Sarah Crossan 
a review by Leah A 7BK

Grace and Tippi the conjoined twins
Dragon (real name Nicola), the twin’s sister
Yasmeen and Jon, the twin’s friends
Mum and Dad

Plot:Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins, joined at the hip, ‘one’ in blood and bone.  The twins have never been to school because of their condition but now they must.  Most people stare and jeer at them but they soon make friends with the vivacious Yasmeen and the handsome Jon.  Everything seems fine with their lives until suddenly the twins collapse and spend two weeks in a hospital bed.  They are now faced with a choice; be separated and live longer or die as the one being they have always known? ….

Your Opinion:
My personal opinion of the book is that it is a very heart-wrenching tale of people with medical problems, that think deeply enough to realise how petty other people are thinking of things like not being able to get any Wi-Fi is a ‘nightmare’.  When really, people’s lives can be a nightmare.

I recommend ‘One’ for ages 12+ as it does have some rude language.

Your star rating:

The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

a review by Elsie F 7BK

Lyra Belacqua, Mrs Coulter, Lord Asriel, Pantelimon, Father Coram, Lord Faa, Roger Parslow, Iorek Byrnison

Lyra moves in with Mrs Coulter from Jordan College but then finds out that she is working with an organization that took her best friend Roger.  The Head Master gives her an alethiometer (a truth device) and she tries to give it to Lord Asriel but on her way home she bumps into trouble …

Your Opinion:
I really like this book because it’s by one of my favourite authors.  It has amazing characters – you can really imagine everything so clearly and it’s very gripping!  It’s a must read!

I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventures.

Your star rating:

Twitter book review 140 characters

Book Review: "Really Northern Lights by my favourite author @PhilpPullman.  Sooo gripping & I the characters!" - Elsie 7BK

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
 by John Boyne

Reviewed by Masuda Yr 7

This story is told from the viewpoint of a nine year old boy called Bruno.  He is the affluent son of a Nazi commandant during World War II.

My favourite part of the novel is everything because the author had described things perfectly.  I feel sad and happy about this book as some parts are happy and joyful and others sad.  I enjoyed this novel a lot.  I like the way he had written and structured his writing because it somehow gives an effect on the writing.

I would recommend this book for ages 11 and up.  I think the genre for this will be historical, based on the plot.  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was a New York No. 1 bestseller.  It has sold more than 6 million copies world wide.

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Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Convince the Critics competition.  We had some excellent entries, a selection of which appear below, with more to follow.  The writers of the all the book reviews featured will receive a challenge post card.

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

Reviewed by Ben M Year 8

V for Vendetta is a graphic novel set in a dystopian Britain.  The book contains Orwellian themes and many political subtexts.  The book does well to deliver a sinister and violent theme without turning off the reader.  Alan Moore manages to get across a political and social message that is accessible and engaging without going off topic.  V for Vendetta has resonated with people throughout its history due to its political undertone and seems to be always relevant from when it was released in the Thatcherite years to today.  It’s had such a deep influence on society with V’s mask even being adopted as the symbol of protest groups such as Anonymous and Occupy.  The creation of this book means now millions of people will now know why it’s crucial to avoid nationalism and war.

The book is very intelligent and has many parts which are riddled with meanings, which reveal so much more under deep analysis.  The characters, particularly V, are some of the most interesting ever created.  Alan Moore manages to create complicated personalities for every character and does well in focusing on their morals throughout the book.  All in all it’s the perfect graphic novel with complicated illustration, complicated characters and a complicated yet engaging storyline.

V for Vendetta has captivated so many people and enthralled them in politics in particular anarchy, it’s undoubtedly been instrumental to today’s revolutionary movements.  Dismissing a book which has been so integral to society would surely be a travesty!

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Reviewed by Sophie S 8GR

Do you like interesting, heart racing books?  Then this book is for you!  It is a heartwarming book with a gigantic surprise.  It does keep you waiting, however it is worth it.  I enjoy this book as it is very warming.  It makes you smile as you read the pages.  It makes you want to read for ages once you start.  If you like books that you don’t want to stop reading, if you like books that make you smile, then this book is perfect for you!

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by Mason Yr 8

Clearly the fact is that The Hunger Games is an action packed, addictive and extremely captivating book, which leaves you wanting more.  I have to say that The Hunger Games, which is an exhilarating science fiction novel, is adequate for readers who are thirsty for adventure and fascination.  I’m absolutely certain that you would not be disappointed with this book – it will change your reading intensity forever!

Hunger by Michael Grant

Reviewed by William F Yr 9

Enter a world of true survival.  Experience a truly gripping adventure.  Enter a world that is shut off from the world and join the fight for survival.  Michael Grant has captured this underwritten genre perfectly in a unique and perfect way, giving you no reason not to pick up this masterpiece and read to your heart’s content.

Dog Days (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) by Jeff Kinney

Reviewed by Anton A Yr 8

Do you like funny books that make you cry with laughter?  Do you like books that you can relate to?  Well your time is over, your book is here.  Finally the book  you are dying for has arrived.  Read Dog Days by Jeff Kinney.

Dog Days is about a teenage boy on holiday going through crazy, cool and challenging moments the whole way through.  Read this fantastic book and follow Greg on his epic journey.

Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson

Reviewed by Ailis Yr 8

Recently, I’ve been getting stuck into this truly fantastic book written by one of my all-time favourite authors, Jacqueline Wilson.  This book is the fourth book in the Hetty Feather series, about a young girl who grows up in a foundling hospital and eventually runs away to join a circus where she meets Diamond, the acrobatic child minder.

Jacqueline Wilson writes in a way that draws you into the story, therefore you feel emotionally connected to the character.  I wasn’t very interested in reading the books when they first came out, however, even after reading one page I was desperate to finish the book.  Why don’t you try it?  What have you got to lose?  I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

In conclusion, if you’ve got this far and you not already reading the book yourself go and buy it whilst stocks last (or borrow it from the Discovery Library).

The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

Reviewed by Oliver C Yr 8

I am writing this passage to tell you about not an amazing book or a great book but a truly tremendous book called The Recruit (#1 in Cherub series).  This wonderful book is an action packed spy adventure suitable for curious and action loving teenagers.  I know that it has a few swear words in it but that is the beauty of the book, the fact that it has these words it can relate and connect with teens in a mesmerising way. 

Let me tell you a little story about this book.  Since I was young, I never like reading especially long books that required a lot of concentration.  So for years I went through life not being able to read all the way through a book, until I started reading CHERUB: The Recruit.  The way the author connected with me was amazing.  All I wanted to do was to just keep on picking up the book and start reading, which I think is just outstanding.  In my opinion a book is not tremendous if just makes you want to read it, it is tremendous if it is able to change your whole opinion about reading itself.  So, if you are like me, I would strongly suggest that you read this book.  Will you?

Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter

Reviewed by Hannah Yr 8

I would recommend the Warrior Cat series to anyone who likes action and adventure books.  If you had the choice whether to live in a cosy house or in the forest with a clan what would you choose?  Well Rusty, the main character who is a cat, chose to live wild and free with a clan called Thunderclan.  He lives in the forest by his new name, Firepaw, as an apprentice to be a warrior he makes some friends to keep forever, called Graypaw and Ravenpaw.  You can read the adventures of Firepaw and his friends as they uncover secrets about Thunderclan and how they discover the truth of a power hungry traitor within the clan willing to betray the Warrior code and their leader to become the leader of the whole forest.  They must also learn the meaning of two prophecies told to them by their Warrior Ancestors, Starclan, “Fire alone can save our clan” and “Four will become two Lion and Tiger will meet in battle and blood will rule the forest”.

Danger, battles, betrayal, love and loss will unfold in this gripping series.  It is a must read, you won’t want to put the book down.  Read about the Clans, feel the power of the Clans and become the Clans.  The time has come for prophecies to unfold, and for heroes to rise ….

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Reviewed by Annie B Yr 8

Are you looking for a good book to read?  Then try Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.  If you like excitement, drama and romance then this is the book for you.  Not convinced?  Read on and find out more about this outstanding novel.

This book is definitely worth the read because it is really fab and exciting.  Personally I like Girl Online because I can relate to how Penny feels.

It is about a girl called Penny.  She writes a blog about her troubles.  She goes to America and meet Noah.  They fall in love but will their love last forever?

Read the book to find out everything else!

Hard Luck (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) by Jeff Kinney

Reviewed by Hakan M Yr 8

Are you looking for an outstanding comedy?  Then read the book Diary of Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck.   It is a book that will put you at in a happy mood.  There are eight books in the series and this is my favourite book about Greg’s life.  It is interesting but at the same time it is funny.  The genre of the book is a comedy.  It is fun to read and it will make your day!

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Reviewed by Sabiha R 8SD

Looking for a romantic read?  Try The Fault in our Stars.  It’s a book that will leave you in awe.  Leave you admiring of the strong characters.

Written by John Green (an award winning author), you will fall in love with his unique language and ‘read on’ chapters.  This is a page turner.  It follows a young girl, overcoming cancer.  An incredible, inspiring and moving novel.

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter
Reviewed by Somoya T 8SD

The book I’d like to recommend for people to read is I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You.  Now if you want a gripping, quite humorous, relaxed book to read you really should be reading this.  Wouldn’t to be a part of a spy school be cool? You get to experience that there, at Gallagher Academy.  You’d feel like you have met all the Gallagher girls.  Nothing like a good book to drift off into!  A book like nothing you’ve read before, also you see the struggle of this teenage girl as a spy.  If you finish this one, there’s a series ……..

Bob No Ordinary Cat by James Bowen
Reviewed by Fleur B-C 8SD

Bob No Ordinary Cat is a heart-warming tale of a cat who works on the street selling the Big Issue with James Bowen.  James found Bob as a stray, dying of an infected wound.  James progressed to heal Bob but, just like a story, Bob wouldn’t leave his side.  It is a heart-warming tale of love and boundless friendship that kept them alive.  All through good and bad.

I think it is an interesting book as it highlights the important things we take for granted.  Also, it tells us about different backgrounds and how the simplest things can ruin your life.  I love it as it portrays Bob almost like a miracle, whom saved a man from himself.  It can teach you how a cat or any pet can love you when everyone else can’t.  Also it shows me how accepting an animal is, they don’t care about your past only the person you are.

It is a book that makes you appreciate your life.  It makes you feel happy and realise how much you love your pets.  It brightens your day.  It’s easy to read, which I think is important as it makes you understand it better.

Dragonborn by Toby Forward
Reviewed by Chris R 8SD

Dragonborn is a fantasy book as it is full of magic, dragons and wizards.  It is about a boy named Sam, who’s master, Flaxfield, dies so he is left without a master.  After Flaxfield’s death, Sam does not know who to trust and who not to trust.  In my opinon, this book has a very good plot and it has action and a bit of comedy mixed into a fantasy book.  With lots of suspense, this book is a real page-turner.  You will love this gripping, compelling and interesting book.  The story idea is not unique but not boring at the same time.  The book shows that you can be any age to read fantasy novels.  Overall, I rate this book 8/10.

Ravens Gate by Anthony Horowitz
Reviewed by Tommy L 8SD

Ravens Gate is the first in a five part series called ‘The Power of Five’.  This book follows Matthew Freeman, a fourteen year old boy, who doesn’t know it but has powerful unknown abilities.  This book is a gripping, fast-paced, action-adventure book.  Once you read the first chapter you want to know how he will get out of certain situations.  If you like any books like the Anthony Horowitz’s books then you are sure to love this. 

Four Children and It by Jacqueline Wilson
Reviewed by Holly B 8NE

Have you ever wished for something?  Experience the joys and consequences of a wish with the breath-taking Four Children and It.

A modern day version of the classic Five Children and It by E Nesbit, this Jacqueline Wilson novel will draw you in like a fish on a hook.  This amazing book tells the story of a book fanatic Rosaline and her younger brother Robbie as they send a week at their Dad’s with bully Smash (Samantha) and adorable little Maude.  Stuck trying to play “happy families”, all Rosaline wants to do is read her beloved books and not go out to a picnic in the countryside.  But things dramatically change when the gang discover the Psammead (Sand fairy), a small, round creature with eyes on the end of stalks, paws like a monkey and the ability to grant wishes that last until sunset.

This both exciting and moving story will capture both your imagination and your heart as the bestselling author once again weaves the amazing E. Nesbit story with her own literature to create something worth reading.

Skellig by David Almond
Reviewed by Jack H 8MG

Skellig is an amazing book – you will love it.  I was engaged and wanting more after the first chapter.  This brilliant book is a true work of art and if you don’t read it you will miss out.  This great story is just waiting for you to read it, this book changed my view on reading.  When I was younger I never read but then my friend recommended it to me and I loved it!  This a must read, so why are you still sitting here go and get it!

We would love to post reviews of any books that you have read and would like to recommend. For hints and tips on how to write a review go to Tips for writing book reviews on the right hand side of the screen.

The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson – reviewed by Dean Yr 9 

The Sacrifice is primarily a horror series of which there are currently four books, this being the third in the series.  The general plotline is a group of children trying to get to a certain location, while a ‘zombie apocalypse’ is in progress.  The books are slightly irregular, as the first starts with one set of characters, then the second book introduces new characters 5 months before the first is set, and continues with those characters onto the third book.  Has the author forgotten about the first set of characters?

Aside from the irregular character changes, the book is overall extremely enjoyable and interesting, sporting many genres rather than simply horror.  I believe this book would appeal to fans of the action genre also, as it has numerous action scenes, in which there is often violence, and quite gory scenes to add.  The plotline of this book is extremely simple, with one group of characters making their way to a secure location, making stops on the way, usually where something occurs.  This kind of plotline opens up various opportunities, some being possible emotional issues within strongholds and safe havens, and physical danger while migrating on the roads.

The idea of only people under 15 being left in the world is an interesting concept, as it gives an idea of how independent children could be in a situation described in the book, and on top of the fact that all of the adults have essentially become rabid creatures, it adds in various dangers and leads to emotional problems, enticing new issues and abnormal problems.

I believe this book is also an interesting read because there is always something occurring.  Not to the point that there’s hardly a moment’s silence, yet also not so less as to say hardly anything happens.  The author’s writing style is extremely interesting, as he occasionally switches character briefly to give their views and ideas; usually only described within a short paragraph, then returning to the main protagonist to carry on with the storyline.

Overall, I believe that this is an extremely interesting read, not just The Sacrifice, but the whole series, as Higson has successfully created a book to appeal to my general age group and possible even above.  In a ratings fashion, I would give it a 9/10, as the only problem would be that sometimes the flow of the story fades slightly and it becomes harder to keep oneself hooked for a longer period of time during these ‘slow moments’.
Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman – reviewed by William Yr 8

The main plot is (as suggested by the title) about a thirteen year old boy who catches a viral infection  The infection causes the heart to be damaged to such a great extent a transplant is necessary for survival.  After the news that a human donor was not available, they turned to medical research.
two years before the book is set.

I found the book lacked suspense, thus is was too predictable and needed more excitement.  It did have a powerful ending, although the character that dies at the end should have had their character built up more to help the reader empathise with the main character, Cameron.

This book I believe is best suited for year six children, because although it is quite an upsetting subject, I did not find it particularly enjoyable to read because I found it too young for me.  I would rate this book three stars out of five.

Miss Shaw’s Reading Group Reviews:

Framed by Frank Cottrell Boyce – a review by James C, Year 8

This book is very similar to a Diary of a Wimpy Kid but it is a log book for the narrator, Dylan, for his Dad’s garage.  All of the national art galleries paintings are moved to a top secret location but a boy’s family finds out where they have been temporarily moved to.  Everyone at Dylan’s school is asking ‘what are they doing up there?’- Dylan cannot say a word to anyone that they have put the paintings up there.

This book is aimed at people that enjoy a story with a twist to the ending.  If you like a small amount of mystery then this book is also for you.  I would recommend this book to someone who loves a mystery and adventure.

I would give this book 8/10 because it grabs the reader and makes me read on to find out what happens next.

Artichoke Hearts - Sita Brahmachari Junior Book

Artichoke Hearts by Sita Brahmachari – a review by Remi F, Year 8

Artichoke Hearts is a very life related book, the main character Myra always wants to be out of the house because it is never quiet with a younger brother Krish and a baby sister Laila.  She loves reading so she attends a reading club taught by Miss Pat Print every Monday morning.  Her reading class includes her best friend Millie, Ben and Jide Jackson (Myra’s crush).

Her Nana Josie is dying and she wants to make sure that she dies happy by doing what she loves (art) so she orders her coffin and starts to paint her life on the fine wood.

I chose this book because I can relate to it when she has no privacy because of her family problems that are going on.

As the chapters go on, the suspense builds up and the family problems get worse.  I would recommend this book to girls that share Myra’s feelings because you feel like all your thoughts are in the book.  I wouldn’t recommend this book to boys because it has a lot of girl’s personal things and what girls have to go through when they grow up.

Artichoke Hearts by Sita Brahmachari – a review

Artichoke Hearts is a novel about many things: love, loss, family and friendship.  The book is about a girl called Mira Levenson and her family.  She has a little brother Krish, baby sister Laila and busy parents and her nana Josie.

Mira’s beloved nana Josie is dying, she is becoming less and less close to her best friend Millie and has met a boy called Jide Jackson.  Jide has loads of secrets to tell, so does Mira.  Will Mira sort everything out in the end?

I think that Sita Brahmachari makes it feel like real life by the way she expresses the characters and how she puts them in all those real life situations.  The book gives you all types of emotions; it is difficult to cover all of the emotions without cluttering it and making it sound too much.  She captures the characters personalities throughout the book.

You will find these books in the Discovery Library for you to borrow.

Year 8 Book Reviews 

Silverfin by Charlie Higson – a review by William F

James Bond attends his first day at Eton.  When they break up for half term, James goes to see his aunt and uncle in Scotland (his parents are dead).  He meets a friend on the train and they venture up to the loch Silverfin to find out about the mysterious death of this friend’s brother, Alfie Kelly.
I would recommend this book for readers aged 11-14.  It is suitable for that age group because it is a thriller, although it does contain some bad language.  I enjoyed the book a lot, and I would definitely recommend the book to others.

This book’s style is much like Robert Muchamore or Anthony Horowitz’s style, so I would recommend this book for readers that enjoyed the CHERUB, Henderson’s Boys, Alex Rider or Power of Five books.
Overall, I would give this book five stars out of five stars.

The Fallen (The Enemy series) by Charlie Higson – a review by Elliot W

The Fallen is an amazing horror book based on the survival of kids when all adults turn into ‘zombie’ like creatures.  It includes some very graphic scenes and has some bad language but none the less is exciting; where death lurks around every corner.

I would definitely recommend this book to most boys of my age as it is thrilling, exciting and an all-round good read.

Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter

 – a review by Amber G

This book is about a girl who goes to spy school.  It is really good – so good that I couldn’t put it down!

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket – a review by Alfie M
This book is a very good book to move from primary to secondary school reading, because it throws in a lot of words you probably wouldn’t know and tells you the meaning of them.

This series of books are extremely fun to read, as well as fascinating and they should also keep you going for about 6 weeks or more.  I would recommend this book to others because, even though it is slightly gritty, it’s appropriate for most people and is very well written.

Matilda by Roald Dahl – a review by Eda X

Matilda is the story of a little girl who is gifted and talented but isn’t noticed by her parents.  She is treated poorly by her parents and her head teacher is revolted by Matilda.  I strongly recommend this book to anyone because it has a likeable mix of humour and drama.  I think that this book is aimed at children aged 8-12.  It has various comedy sections which readers will find hilarious but clever.  Also the book is creative with vocabulary.

Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde – a review by Selena G
During the six weeks holiday I managed to read the book Second Hand Heart.  In my considered opinion I think that this book is an emotional ball of happiness and sorrow mixed into one amazing book.

My favourite thing about the book is the start of it, which is very intense and interesting so it pulls you in and encourages you to read on.  I like this because the book makes you contemplate whether it will be as good as the opening.

I think the writer could have shown the emotions of the characters better by explaining more.  Besides this I thought it was a very inspirational book.  I would rate it an 8/10 and I would highly recommend it to my friends.

House of Secrets by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini – a review by Max S

This book is about three children who are all brothers and sisters who get taken into a book by a witch.  Now they must battle against blood thirsty pirates, deadly warriors and a bone crunching giant. 

I would recommend this book to people with an interest in journey books and battling beasts and even a tiny bit of romance as well.  Overall, I would give this book four and a half stars maybe even five.

There is going to be a sequel to this book called House of Secrets: Battle of the Beasts, which I am desperate to read.

Bodyguard Hostage by Chris Bradford – a review by Keiyen B
I haven’t finished reading this book yet but where I am now in the book makes me want to read on because it is an exciting book that most people would like.

It’s about a boy who goes on a secret mission to guard someone very important but there are times when he struggles.  In the end the person he is guarding becomes safe and he says “I was born to be a bodyguard; it’s in my blood”.

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo –

a review by Laura W

My favourite book is Shadow.  It is a book about a boy who lives in an immigrant prison with his mother.  I like this book because it is very moving but interesting at the same time.  I would recommend this book.

Mockingjay (Hunger Games trilogy) by Suzanne Collins

- a review by Harry B

Mockingjay is an action-packed thriller that will make you want to read it non-stop!  Suzanne Collins includes surprises and thrills all the way.  It is the last in the series, and it follows on from the previous two, so read them first.

I would recommend this book to everyone above the age of 12.  It would appeal to everyone but is slightly advanced for young readers.  The violence can also be graphic so parental guidance would be advised when buying this book!

I would rate this book 8/10 because it is very thrill-seeking and eventful!  Stephanie Meyer said “The Hunger Games is amazing” and Anthony Horowitz said “One of the best written and most thought-provoking books I’ve read for a long time.

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo – a review by Ivan A
This is an excellent book. I really liked it as it was full of suspense and truth.  In the book Michael is himself, as it is a true, shocking, fantastic experience that happened when he was a boy.  The thought of you knowing it’s a true story makes it more attractive and I think it helps the reader get a real connection with the book.

Personally, it is the best book I’ve ever read and I totally recommend it to anyone, especially for readers who love emotion and suspense.

You will find many of these books in the Discovery Library for you to borrow.


Hunger by Michael Grant
Reviewed by Edward KS3

One normal day at Perdido Beach, everyone over the age of fifteen disappears. Very soon the others run low on food. However, horror haunts all the vegetable patches – worms mutated by radioactivity are now man-eaters. Will everyone survive…?
Choose this book if you want a book that catches your eye; one that you can’t stop reading. Read this if you liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or The Kane Chronicles and if you like magic and fantasy.

I would give this book 5 stars.

Golden Goal by Dan Freeman
Reviewed by Harry B KS3
The author of this brilliant book has written various other books, such as Too Easy and Shoot & Score. If you liked these, then you will certainly like this one! He is an adventurous, fun-packed writer.

You should read this book because you will laugh, smile and cry: it will blow your socks off.

Brigands M.C. (Cherub Series) by Robert Muchamore
Reviewed by Finn KS3
The three main characters are Dante, whose family was murdered by a motor cycle club, and his friends James and Lauren. They are sent on a mission by Cherub to avenge the death of Dante’s family. I would make this book into a film and wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a great read and has some action, some romance and lots of gripping, thrilling events. This book is the eleventh in the series and I would give it a rating of 5 stars.

Survival by Chris Ryan
Reviewed by Kian KS3
The story is about five brave but adventurous teens, who are aboard a sailing ship. Unexpectedly the group gets marooned on a desert island where they have to survive. They are challenged by deadly sharks, killer komodo dragons and even modern day pirates. The book also contains Chris Ryan’s top S.A.S survival tips in a tropical area.

I choose this book because it has an intriguing blurb and also because I wanted to read a fairly large book. At the beginning I didn’t really enjoy it but I eventually began to really enjoy it.
I would give this book 4 out of 5 because it is full of action and is so good that I have read it more than once!

The Night Bus (Horowitz Horror Series) by Anthony Horowitz
Reviewed by Harry E KS3
The Night Bus is another massive achievement by Horowitz. The book has three stories and none are for the squeamish or faint-hearted.

The first story is called the Night Bus, which is the story of Nick and Jeremy, who were out late partying but ended up stranded and needed to get home. This was the beginning of their terrible encounter that started when they got on the 227B bus. The bus looked like a 1950s version and had some very strange passengers, including a biker man with half a head and some very well dressed people with green bloody hands and smoke rising from them. The second story is about a hitch hiker and a boy called Jacob. Jacob is on his way back from a wonderful day on the beach when he Dad stops to pick up a hitch hiker. This gets him into the journey from hell!
I would give this book 3 and a half stars out of 5 and would recommend it to 11 year olds and above.

Bob No Ordinary Cat
A review by Gabriella Year 7

Bob No Ordinary Cat is a book about a homeless musician, James Bowen, who finds a street cat named Bob. Together they change both of their lives. James didn’t have much money; he only had about £30 with him. It was hard for him to look only after himself for at first he didn’t take Bob (busking) with him. But then he gave Bob a chance and together they made their way to the top, earning more money.
James plays his guitar on the streets to earn money. The first time that he took Bob with him they earned more than usual. If it was a good day James earned£20 but this time many people stopped to see Bob and they earned £66.
This book is really sweet. I like it because it tells you everything about real, true friendship. It doesn’t matter if your friend is black or white, animal or human; it is about knowing who your friends really are. It’s also about trust. Bob trusted James and it’s about how they were helping each other in hard moments. I liked the book because for me it was an amazing, true story and I was amazed by how intelligent the cat was. I loved the end of the story and how James finds out that Bob is famous on YouTube and millions of people know Bob. I love how at the end the lady asks if he plans to write a book about Bob. He wrote a book and it’s really famous, that’s how true friendship brought James and Bob to the top.

Bob No Ordinary Cat
A review by Cheyanne Year 9

The book is about a man who met a tom cat ‘Bob’. The reason why Bob is no ordinary cat is because he helped change his owner’s life.

It all started when this cat was poorly and sitting in front of a doorway in James’flat. The man saw it was ill and knocked on the door one day to ask if the cat had belonged to them, but they said no. The man then took the cat and helped it by taking the tom cat to the vet to make sure he didn’t have any diseases or major wounds apart from the one on its leg which eventually healed.
James then took care of the cat and became its owner. James does regular busking around Covent Garden to earn money because since everything that has happened in his past he couldn’t get a proper job. Ever since he got the cat he follows James everywhere, on buses and even to work. But since he has been following him to work he has been interacting with people and getting a lot of money more than he will get in a week, in a day. Because now James gets a lot of money he has a special collar just for Bob so he won’t get lost in the crowd.

My favourite part of the book is when ‘Bob’ follows James to work every morning and helps him raise money to buy things that he hasn’t brought before. I recommend this book because it is very emotional and when you start reading the book you just want to find out more. Such as how he can manage bringing the cat to work with him every morning and how he can buy so many things for the cat but barely anything for himself. For anyone who likes cats or emotional stories I think this would be a really good book.

The following reviews are by some of the Year 7 students. Why not read these books and see if you agree and maybe write a review too? You can find them and other great books in our libraries. More of your reviews will be coming soon ....

There's a Boy in the Girls’ bathroom by Louis Sacher
Reviewed by Owen Yr 7

This is a book about a boy called Jeff Fishkin, who moves to a new school and somehow ends up in the girls’ bathroom. The book is good because it is funny in some places and it has a big twist right when you start getting into the flow of the book.

Who should read it? People, no matter what books you like to read, it is really one of a kind 10/10.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by James Yr 7

This book is amazing; with constant suspense that keeps you on the edge. 15 year old Katniss Everdeen is an ordinary girl, who secretly risks her life every day. She lives in district 12 with her Mum and little sister, Prim. She hunts every day, slipping her way under a 13ft electric fence. She has to! She has to keep her family alive. She lives an ordinary lifestyle until one day!

Every year two contestants from each district are entered into a huge tournament of death. When the Reaping Day came, Primrose Everdeen was announced. Katniss got scared and without thinking volunteered for her little sister. Katniss was thrown into an arena of death with 23 other blood thirsty teenagers. Will she be victorious…?

I give this book 10/10 for constant suspense and wonderful cliff hangers.

Vampire Assistant by Darren Shan

Reviewed by Paige Yr 7

On reading the first Darren Shan Cirque Du Freak I thought it couldn’t get better from there. However it did. During the book there were many characters that were amazing like the world’s tallest man, a werewolf, half vampires and full vampires, snake boy and much more.

I enjoyed this book so much that I will still keep reading the other books in the series. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure.

Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Angel Yr 7

“Hi, my name in Danny. I no longer have a Mum. She died when I was only four months old. My Dad left to look after me on his own. I think the world of my father”.

That’s a little bit about his life. I chose this book because my brother read it before so he said I should read it. I looked on the first page, read it, and it sounded really good. I think this book was good because it shows how much your Dad loves you and why you should always remember your memories with your Mum and Dad.

The following reviews are by some of the Year 7 students. Why not read these books and see if you agree and maybe write a review too? You can find them and other great books in our libraries.

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
Reviewed by Shannon 7BE

The book is about a close family who lives in the middle of a big town and want some peace and quiet. Luckily their father is offered a new job which allows them to move to the country side. Once they arrive, there is a lot of work to be done, before they can go and explore the woods opposite the house.

I loved everything about the book but the special moment for me was when three small children enter the enchanted forest for the first time. This was a magical but spooky part because they get a bad warning not to go in by a gnome … but they choose to still go in …

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Reviewed by Athena 7GE

Image from

The Help’ is a book about racism in Mississippi. It tells us about a typical family and how they live their lives with racism being a ‘big thing’.

They go through many dilemmas especially when a different race of people tries to help someone else. Also it tells us that life in those days was harsh and rather petrifying.

The story is extremely fascinating and interesting as it tells you the different points of view of each character at every chapter. I would recommend this book to an age range of twelve and above despite the fact it is interesting it can be gruesome!

Black Beauty by Anne Sewell
Reviewed by Louise 7KE

The story is about a horse named Beauty who was born in a meadow with his mother, then got sold to a man named Squire Gordon. Beauty grew up, then had a riding accident and it caused his knees to be ruined! Sadly he got sold again and again. New homes, different families, good and bad. Will he ever find the right home? 

Image from

I found this book exciting.  The best part was reading the chapters, leaving it on cliff hangers, wondering "would Beauty ever find the right home?"  I recommend this book for 9-10 year olds as some parts may be quite sad for younger children.

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