Thursday, 1 April 2010

Writer visit

In March Dave Cryer, a writer who runs creative writing workshops, visited the TRS to work with some of our Year 10 and 12 students. We hope the sessions run by Dave will help the students develop their creative writing skills for their coursework and their own pleasure. Here are some of our student’s comments on the day:

I think the session was really good because it got me thinking about writing and different ways of writing a story.

I thought the workshop was good with the planning and useful information Dave gave us. I think we should have a person like that for every piece of coursework.

I liked the workshop because it was different to what we usually do. It was fun and we could be as creative and independent as we wanted. It allowed us to explore. I’m not sure about how to improve it. Dave was confident, friendly and talkative and easy to listen to.

My class went to a workshop for English to help us develop our creative writing skills. I liked it because we could extend our imagination and be as creative as we liked. It was also independent work so we could not use other people’s ideas. Dave was very good at explaining how different characters are. I would not change it, it was very good just as it is.

I thought the creative writing day was very useful. It gave insight into the feelings of writers. The workshop gave information on how to format and plan a story. This workshop has inspired me to do more descriptive writing.

I liked the workshop. It rekindled my love for creative writing and helped in developing my ideas and techniques used in my coursework.

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