Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Word of the Week Competition

We will be carrying on with our popular Word of the Week competition in both Libraries this year. If you have a word that you want to share with everyone, please ask for an entry form in either of the Libraries.

Recent Word of the Week Winners
War Memorial Library :

Apprehensive chosen by Basak Kaynak (10CA)


Fearful or anxious about the future. Uneasy. Quick to understand

Erroneously chosen by Ben Jones (13PL)


In a mistaken manner. Incorrectly.

Discovery Library :

Maladroit chosen by Monique Jafapouran (9DR)
Clumsy, awkward or tactless.
abnormal condition, existing at birth.

Zephyr chosen by Maisie Jones (9BP)

A soft gentle breeze.

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