Friday, 9 March 2012

Recent Word of the Week Winners
War Memorial Library:

Noun The eating of human flesh by other human beings: Cannibalism.
chosen by Ms. Crozier (RE)

Adjective Run-down, abandoned, deserted, out of use.
chosen by Jonah Haffner (12KE)

Adjective/Noun Using direct-current electricity to bring people back from the dead.
chosen by Bryony Swain (13RE)

Noun A corresponding aspect or feature. Points, features or details in which two items are alike.
chosen by Tharani Thavarabalan (12RF)

Noun Everything that you see in a camera shot. Arrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where a play or movie is enacted.
chosen by Jack Newman (13ME)

Noun A small square of stone, tile or glass used in mosaics. In Ancient Greece or Rome a small tablet of wood or bone used as a token.
chosen by Precious Akinbileje (10BE)

Verb To upset, confuse or disconcert. To befuddle or perplex. To cause to be unable to think clearly.
chosen by Melissa Owusu-Ansah (13WH)

Discovery Library :
Adjective To not give in, to keep going to the very end, to resist pain and continue anyway.
chosen by Luke Blanchard (9TN)

Noun An Asian and North American tree or shrub with white, pink, purple or yellow showy flowers.
chosen by Samuel Young (9BM)

Noun On a vessel with three or more masts the third mast from the bow
chosen by Blaise Bizzell (8BG)

Noun An embarrassing blunder.
chosen by Ryan Sewell (8FN)

Adjective Any disturbance or abnormality in the function of an organ or part, especially of a family. Failure to show the characteristics or fulfill the purposes accepted as normal or beneficial.
chosen by Tatenda Matsvai (9AR)

Noun Someone who enjoys things that seem painful or tiresome.
chosen by Lauren Carne (9TH)

Adjective Expressing or characterized by sorrow. Bringing or causing woe. Pitiful, miserable.
chosen by Robert Yelding (7SH)

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