Friday, 6 July 2012

Recent Word of the Week Winners

War Memorial Library :
Noun The practice of performing charitable or benevolent actions. Love of mankind in general usually shown by contributions of money, property or work for the benefit of others.
chosen by Ms. Magee (Attendance Officer)

Noun Reckless or extravagant spending or behaviour. Dissolute or immoral behaviour.
chosen by Ms. Brett (Science)

Adjective Overwhelmed with demands, offers. Covered with water, especially flood water. Overwhelmed as if with a flood or swamp.
chosen by Mr. McKenzie (Reprographics)

Discovery Library :
Noun A person who believes the worst about people or the outcome of events.
chosen by Leonnie Benians (8LO)

Noun A steep slope at the edge of some high level ground.
chosen by Ally Wood (7HB)

Noun A person trained to look after a woman who is giving birth to a baby.
chosen by Kelsey Jordan-Brown (7SH)

Noun A movement to and fro. The flow of blood through the body.
chosen by Wayde Swanepoel (7MZ)

Verb To wander in search of Pleasure.
chosen by Lisa Onyeka (7HB)

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