Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Book Reviews

A Street Cat Named Bob is an inspirational story about second chances.  This book provides a lot of insight into how we as a society choose to ignore people who are homeless and unemployed.  We don’t view them as people who have stories and feelings.  We see them from a different view through this book.  Bob the cat provides humour and a sense of relief for both his companion and the reader.  It is a fabulous book and strongly recommended.
Bob reading about himself
Reviewed by Precious Year 11

A Street Cat Named Bob is a very good book to read.  It’s about how a man and his cat found hope on the streets.  This is a book written by James Bowen and the book is aimed at all ages able to read it.  It is a No 1 best seller.  “Heart-warming tale with a message of hope” the Daily Mail said.  “An insight into the injustice of life on the streets that’s by turns frustrating and life-affirming” said Tom Cox, in The Times.  The book is also available as an ebook.  But overall the book is a good read – that’s from a personal view anyway.

Reviewed by Marc Year 9

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