Friday, 24 May 2013

Book Reviews

Bob No Ordinary Cat
A review by Gabriella Year 7

Bob No Ordinary Cat is a book about a homeless musician, James Bowen, who finds a street cat named Bob. Together they change both of their lives.  James didn’t have much money; he only had about £30 with him.  It was hard for him to look only after himself for at first he didn’t take Bob (busking) with him.   But then he gave Bob a chance and together they made their way to the top, earning more money.
James plays his guitar on the streets to earn money.  The first time that he took Bob with him they earned more than usual.  If it was a good day James earned £20 but this time many people stopped to see Bob and they earned £66.
This book is really sweet.  I like it because it tells you everything about real, true friendship.  It doesn’t matter if your friend is black or white, animal or human; it is about knowing who your friends really are.  It’s also about trust.  Bob trusted James and it’s about how they were helping each other in hard moments.  I liked the book because for me it was an amazing, true story and I was amazed by how intelligent the cat was.  I loved the end of the story and how James finds out that Bob is famous on YouTube and millions of people know Bob.  I love how at the end the lady asks if he plans to write a book about Bob.  He wrote a book and it’s really famous, that’s how true friendship brought James and Bob to the top.

Bob No Ordinary Cat
A review by Cheyanne Year 9
The book is about a man who met a tom cat ‘Bob’.  The reason why Bob is no ordinary cat is because he helped change his owner’s life.

It all started when this cat was poorly and sitting in front of a doorway in James’ flat.  The man saw it was ill and knocked on the door one day to ask if the cat had belonged to them, but they said no.  The man then took the cat and helped it by taking the tom cat to the vet to make sure he didn’t have any diseases or major wounds apart from the one on its leg which eventually healed.
James then took care of the cat and became its owner.    James does regular busking around Covent Garden to earn money because since everything that has happened in his past he couldn’t get a proper job.  Ever since he got the cat he follows James everywhere, on buses and even to work.  But since he has been following him to work he has been interacting with people and getting a lot of money more than he will get in a week, in a day.  Because now James gets a lot of money he has a special collar just for Bob so he won’t get lost in the crowd.

My favourite part of the book is when ‘Bob’ follows James to work every morning and helps him raise money to buy things that he hasn’t brought before.  I recommend this book because it is very emotional and when you start reading the book you just want to find out more.  Such as how he can manage bringing the cat to work with him every morning and how he can buy so many things for the cat but barely anything for himself.  For anyone who likes cats or emotional stories I think this would be a really good book.

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