Friday, 4 March 2016

World Book Day at TRS - Thursday 3rd March 2016

This World Book Day at TRS proved to be a great success thanks to the active engagement of students and the participation of staff, who looked fabulous in their departmental costumes!  The involvement this year of the Geography and English departments in planning and developing activities with the Librarians, led by Ms Roberts, was key to this success. 

As well as distributing book tokens to students via form tutors, creating World Book Day book marks, displays and a competition PowerPoint for use in form time, the Librarians worked with the Geography department to create and deliver some excellent Library Lessons.  These included a lesson on banned books, where the students broke into groups and, following discussions, had to correctly identify why and where in the world particular, often iconic, books were banned. 

Year 13 students took photographs of the day, which we look forward to sharing.  In the meantime, below are photographs of the three Librarians as 33.6 recurring Dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith and the Drama Department, who were literary characters that embody madness and the Geography Department as Roald Dahl book characters.  The prize for best costume was won by the Drama Department. 

Our Librarians as 33.6 recurring Dalmatians

Lady Macbeth, Miss Haversham, The Mad Hatter, The Prizoner of Azkaban and Norman Bates.
The Geography Department as Roald Dahl book characters

Whole school photo taken in our "War Memorial Library"

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