Friday, 22 April 2016

Keep Calm and Carry on Revising in the War Memorial Library

This week (18-22 April) is National Revision Week, which is designed to raise awareness of exam stress, and to provide teachers and students with tips, tools and advice to help reduce anxiety and increase exam performance. For more information, as well as tips, planning tools, support and advice visit the National Revision Week website.

We have a good selection of revision resources available in the War Memorial Library – come and have a browse or ask one of the Librarians.  There are some useful GCSE revision websites listed on the blog, as well as Post 16 resources, which provide A-level revision websites and advice on referencing.

One of our P16 lunchtime library helpers has also recommended the Get Revising website, which allows you to organise your time with a study planner, create useful tools including mind-maps and flash cards and discuss your subjects with other students. To check it out visit Get Revising.

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