Thursday, 18 August 2016

Summer in the Libraries and Anthony Horowitz A Levels Results Day Tweet!

We hope you are enjoying your Summer holidays and look forward to receiving postcards telling us what you have been reading, whether you have been away or are enjoying a staycation!

Summer is always a very busy time in the libraries, as this is when we have a good sort out.  Ms Roberts has been key wording books, creating new Library lessons and tidying both the Discovery and War Memorial Libraries so everything is spick and span ready for the new academic year.

Today is 'A' Level results day and we hope that all our students have obtained the results they wanted.  Acclaimed children's author, Anthony Horowitz tweeted the following message: 

Anthony Horowitz@AnthonyHorowitz
Remember that A levels are a signpost on the road of life. But they're not the road. That's my profound tweet of the day.

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  1. very interesting quote. will refer to it in times of trouble