Friday, 25 November 2016

Speaking Up for Libraries

Chris Riddell, acclaimed author and illustrator and current Children’s Laureate, has been speaking up about the importance of school libraries.  Backed by all eight former Laureates, Chris Riddell has written an open letter to the Government expressing his concern that the work school librarians and school libraries do to promote reading for pleasure is being under appreciated and undermined through lack of investment. 

Speaking during a House of Lords debate about illiteracy and the crisis facing public libraries and independent bookshops, Lord John Bird, founder of the Big Issue, has warned the Government that if they continue to cut libraries they should “be prepared to build more prisons, to build more homeless hostels".  He believes that libraries, both public and school libraries, are essential in helping young people become literate and therefore drastically improve their life chances.  Earlier this year John Bird co-launched a Project Literacy Campaign with actress and model Lily Cole calling upon the UN to tackle global illiteracy, the cause of many social issues.

We are fortunate at TRS that we currently have two excellent Libraries, which are well resourced and staffed by three professionally qualified librarians who are passionate about encouraging reading for pleasure.

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