Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Michael Morpurgo and The Power of Stories

The acclaimed children's author, Michael Morpurgo, consistently champions the benefits of allowing all children to develop a love of reading through storytelling, giving them the opportunity to access the world of books and all the advantages that brings.  As he eloquently put it in a speech he made recently as President of the Book Trust, reading "widens and deepens knowledge and understanding, develops the ability to empathise, explore, discover, be comforted, excited, provoked and challenged and it spurs confidence and creativity".

At TRS we have two amazing Libraries, and three knowledgeable Librarians, who are passionate about reading and endeavour to find a book for every student. We have a culture of reading, where all students are encouraged to carry a reading book, we organise visits from authors to inspire and run competitions such as 'Take A Risk' to engage KS3 students.

We have lots of favourite titles by Michael Morpurgo in the Discovery Library, including Private Peaceful, War Horse, Kensuke's Kingdom and An Eagle in the Snow.

For ideas on what to read see our 'new books' and 'book review' pages on the blog, visit the reading list web sites on the blog home page or ask your librarians!

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