Friday, 18 May 2018

Keep Calm and Carry on Revising in the War Memorial Library

We have a good selection of revision resources available in the War Memorial Library, including some new study guides for the 9-1 GCSE courses.  Come and have a browse or ask one of the Librarians.  There are some useful GCSE revision websites listed on the blog, as well as Post 16 resources, which provide A-level revision websites and advice on referencing.

The following revision tips are taken from the S-Cool Revision website:

Use Mind-maps:
Map out your revision topics using a mind-map diagram.  This enables you to present or analyse a large amount of information in a visual way.  For help with mind mapping try Tony Buzan’s Use Your Head book, which we have in the War Memorial Library or visit to create mind maps online.

Use your Super Brain:
Fill your living space with key revision notes: posters, diagrams, keywords so when your mind wanders you will see key information and this will sink in subconsciously. You will be revising without even knowing it!

Get into a Flow State:
The best way to get into a flow-state before you start revising or begin an exam is to start with an easy task or question and complete it quickly and confidently before moving onto the harder items. 

Breaking up your Revision:
Break up your revision time into small chunks of 20-minute work sessions, with ten minutes break. That way your brain has the space to absorb the information, keeping you interested and preventing boredom.

Avoid Distractions:
Ideally, switch off computers and smartphones so that you can focus on your work.  Take ten minute breaks if you need time on social media and build up your work session from 10 to 20 minutes or more without distractions.

Do remember that it is important to look after yourself when you are revising.  Make sure you take regular breaks, eat well, exercise, sleep and try to avoid the post exam post mortem with your friends.  If you feel stressed, try deep breathing and mindfulness techniques.  Nicola Morgan's Teenage Guide to Stress offers great advice - you will find a copy of this and other books on managing stress in the War Memorial Library.

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