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Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs is the author of the very successful HERO.COM series and the VILLAIN.NET anti-series for Young Adults. He is also a screenwriter - working on numerous movies and TV shows both in the US and around the world for companies such as Paramount and Warner Bros. He is also moving to the other side of the table and is tackling the role of producer with two movies in development. Andy also writes comic books and is one to watch since he has secured the rights with the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs to re-launch Tarzan with a brand new series of books, bringing the classic eco-warrior into the 21st century, 100 years after Tarzan first swung into our lives.

This May Andy took precious time out of his busy schedule to visit The Ravensbourne School to work with some of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students. Our students really enjoyed his visit, which was aimed at showing them they can all give writing a go. As one student said ‘Andy explained a lot about how he got from nowhere to famous and what it is like being an author.’ Many students were impressed by Andy’s star connections and enjoyed seeing the pictures of him in Hollywood. Most students seemed to enjoy the very noisy quiz Andy ran to work out if you were a hero or a villain, and many said they were inspired to write more following Andy’s visit. Let’s hope Tarzan does not take up too much of his time and Andy can visit us again some time soon. For information about Andy Briggs go to

Andy Briggs Feedback 7a1

I liked that we did a game, we could shout out, it was also very funny. Also Andy told us some stories about himself.

I thought the day was brilliant, he told us all about his life. He also told us how he got to be successful. Andy persuaded me that I can become an author. Andy described his book and me want to get it so I nagged my Mum to get them for me. The only thing he could have doe better was to let him ask some questions

I liked the fact that he came in and talked about his life and how he became a writer and ho his brother is a writer. My favourite part was the quiz. I ended up as a good guy. It was probably the best lesson I’ve ever had.

I thought it was really fun and I think he has inspired me to write something when I am older.

On that day we found out that there are hundreds of film sets everywhere. When films are actually made the buildings are really small. When you are a writer it is really easy to get distracted.

On that day we found out a lot about films, like where they are set, the people who made the film and I’ve found out about some of Andy Briggs’ books ( and At the end we had a quiz to see if you were a hero or a billion by choosing one of three answers for every question. At the end you added up your score.

The man explained a lot about how he got from nowhere to famous and what it is like being an author. He could improve it by saying what he does to make his books exciting and what he thought about us.

The good things about the day were the activities we did and seeing all the films that he showed us and the people that made the films. To improve we could have got to ask more questions.

I liked the session because we got to meet a real professional author who has been round the world. It was a really interesting session that was fun and enjoyable. To improve the session I think we could have tried to have more time so that we were able to ask him some questions about being an author. The best bit was when we saw pictures of him in Hollywood.

We had a session with Andy Briggs and I thought that it was going to be boring but when he entered the classroom we did lots of stuff. We did a quiz, we talked about books and he showed us pictures of himself in Hollywood within the studios.

The good thing about the outstanding lesson was he got me into writing because of that I write stories quite often and my handwriting is improving much more. To improve the lesson he could let us know a bit more about how he became a famous book writer.

I liked it because it was brilliant because we didn’t have to do any work or writing. I liked the way he told us about how writers are everywhere. I was annoyed with myself because I wanted to read them but I have another book going.

I really liked the session with Andy Briggs because he gave us lots of information about being a writer, he made us laugh and he told us some funny stories about his life in Hollywood. He showed us some pictures of different characters from movies and he gave us lots of information about his books and I really would like to read them.

He was a good author who had met loads of famous stars and been on the set of big movies like Terminator, Batman and many more other film sets. He has written may books for children, he has written books that are exciting and interesting. He also has a brother who has worked in the writing industry as well.

I enjoyed Mr. Briggs lesson because we didn’t write anything down and at the end we had a good quiz. I would like it if we had done more activities. My best part of the lesson was when he was telling us funny stories that had happened to him.

I thought that the session helped us to improve on our writing skills and was very fun as we got to do a fun quiz. I also liked that he shared pictures with us and showed us his books.

I liked the photos that he showed us. I liked one of the stories that he told us. I liked the bit at the end where we played a game to see if you evil or a hero or in between. I can’t think of anything to improve on.

Andy Briggs made me want to be writer/producer of anything. To improve the session he could have read us a bit of his book/s.

My thoughts on the session we had with Andy Briggs was good and interesting as we could relate to him about the things we watch or read. Also how he taught me about my writing skills and taught me that we need writers for most things such as TV programs, and books. I liked how he told us stories about his trips around the world with his brother and his pictures of Hollywood studios.

Good: He explained about his life as a writer and how important it is. He described his adventurous books. After his lesson I started writing a tragic story. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. Improvements: None.

He showed some books he wrote and he showed us where he works and what his job is. Improvements: Book selling (!), talk a bit more about his books and read from them.

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