Monday, 14 June 2010

Recent Word of the Week Winners

War Memorial Library :


 Adjective  Characterized by storms and bad weather. Violent or stormy
Chosen by Jane Cheng (13LW)


Noun  A disease of the lungs that originates from certain rock particles (such as volcanic ash) being inhaled.
Chosen by Whitney Samuels (10AS)

Verb  To form a mental picture of; consider as a possibility of the future.
Chosen by Loren Wright (12BA)

Discovery Library :


Noun  Irrational belief in magic and the powers that supposedly bring good luck or bad luck.
Chosen by Rosie Hui Feng (7LI)


Adjective  A word consisting of more than two syllables.
Chosen by Cydney Honour (8SH)

Adjective   Denoting any non-hereditary condition, especially an abnormal condition, existing at birth.
Chosen by Conor Betts (7BM)

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