Monday, 16 September 2013

Horrible Histories: Spies Exhibition


Are you are fan of Horrible Histories?  If yes, why not visit the Horrible Histories Spies exhibition which is on at the Imperial War Museum, London until 4th January 2015?

“Find out which sneaky spies told the biggest lies, how exploding rats were used to sabotage German factories, and what secret agents carried in their suitcases (apart from their socks!). From exploding camel poo to irritating itching powder, this exhibition reveals the terrible tricks, traps and techniques used by spies to make secret war on the enemy – all the gore and more!” 
There is also an opportunity to meet the illustrator of the Horrible Histories series, Martin Brown, on the weekend of 19th/20th October.
For more information including how to book tickets visit the Imperial War Museum online.
Don’t forget that we have lots of Horrible Histories in the Discovery Library, along with copies of the Horrible Histories magazine and other ‘Horrible’ series.

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