Friday, 22 January 2016

TRS Big Draw 2015 - Shortlisted Winners and Winners

The whole school took part in The Big Draw International Drawing festival last term, organised by the Art Department.  The theme was "Every Drawing Tells A Story". Each student was asked to create a bookmark based upon a descriptive extract from a book selected by the Librarians.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get creative and have fun whatever your artistic ability!

The short-listed winners and winners were chosen in collaboration with the Library and are now on display outside the Discovery Library.  Come and have a look!  

Sofia O 7SE
Alize E 8SW
Stewart S 9ML
Taylor H 10BN
Rea H 11CO
Hannah W 12BY
Philippa B 13BG

Shortlisted winners:                 
Ciara W 7CS
Emily S 7FH
Connor D 9CT
Peter R 11SY
Renee M 10BN
Bailey R 13HB
Christina N 8BL

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